FOTO: Andrea Rum, Luca Bazzini,
Simone Lingua
VIDEO & RENDER: Luca Bazzini
WEBDESIGN: Enrico Fico

Project proposal Kinetic Spheres

– Art Biennale Bangkok 2018 –
Sfere cinetiche _ Project for installation for Biennale Bangkok _ 2018
Body, brain and soul. Distinguish these three elements involve a reection of immortality of soul. In fact, if the body is not indissolubly linked with spirit, this one is free from matter and away from any limits of what belongs to earth. In Simone Lingua’s work existing is represented through three spheres in shining steel, perfect shapes with a specic weight. Each is 150 cm diameter and stands on a cone of 70 cm height: important measures and precious and shining materials following the concept they represent. The choice of the sphere is linked with the previous production of the artist, who believes this shape is synonymous of extreme synthesis and equilibrium. Used as pulsating heart in the previous sculptures, it is now free from any cages and give back as autonomous entity as pure energy. Proceeding in fry of the triad of sculpture, we can see that the rst work shows the structure: this is the body, the physical part of be. At the same time it is a mirror to reect the surrounding ambient. The second part is dynamic and it goes round itself: this represents the mind, particularly the activity of the brain which trough Human being can move, or think perceive, comprehend and evolve. In the end, the most important, the third sphere in which the shape becomes evanescent: observed from the front in fact we have the impression of crossing it. This is because the spirit cancels the matter and permits to go over, trough the innite. A path divided in three moments, all fundamental for life and, most of all, to assure what man represents and creates to memory. [S.M.]
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