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Simone Lingua
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Solo Show | Idearte Gallery | Ferrara

Apr 28, 2018 | Press Release


Solo Show
Galleria Idearte, Ferrara
07 / 05 – 09 / 06 /2018



Simone Lingua Exhibition at Idea Gallery

Exhibitions devoted to artistic research will continue in the area known as “Exact Art or Programmed Art”.

The exhibitions dedicated to artistic research in the area of the so-called “Exact Art or Programmed Art” continue at the Idea Gallery in Via Terranuova 41, exploring new authors in line with the philosophy of optic-kinetic perception in the great panorama of visual arts. Idearte Gallery has been hosting this kind of artists for some time: 2014 Stefano Brunello and 2016 Nando Stevoli, two Ferrarese who in a few years have become known with standards of the highest national level, the two artists are now treated by important Milanese galleries such as Poleschi and Studio Lattuada, also successfully included in Auction Case catalogs.

On Wednesday 2 May at 6 pm it is the turn of the solo exhibition of the artist from Arezzo Simone Lingua, an artist who has just returned from important Parisian exhibitions and a water installation in Bagni Vignoni and will also be one of the protagonists of the next Venice Biennale of Art.

Simone Lingua will present at the Idea gallery twelve works with “kinetic domes” capable of stimulating an active role of the viewer, who becomes an integral part of the work itself, reading colors and visual interweaving, between the full and empty forms in a dynamic movement achieved with mirror geometries.
Simone Lingua considers his works as “studies” directed towards the continuous search for the “perfect” kinetism; they are born from intuitions made of minimal concepts, and then add elements that are later eliminated when they are deemed appropriate. In his current phase of artistic evolution, each work created is only the first link in a chain that, utopianly, will never end.
“Actor and viewer at the same time, the artist needs the viewer’s perception in the completion of the work, which only then is expressed in its uniqueness, never equal to itself.

Kinetic art is a form of plastic art in which the movement of shapes, colors, surfaces is the means to obtain a changing whole. The purpose of kinetic art is therefore not to obtain a fixed and definitive composition “(Bruno Munari Domus n. 422, January 1965)

Idearte Gallery, Via Terranuova 41, tel. 0535186276
Opening on Wednesday 2 May at 6pm with daily opening from 10am-12.30pm and from 5pm to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday by appointment.

Source : www.estense.com

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