FOTO: Andrea Rum, Luca Bazzini,
Simone Lingua
VIDEO & RENDER: Luca Bazzini
WEBDESIGN: Enrico Fico

Kinetic Domes

– sculpture –

Kinetic Dome _ 2017 _ chromed and painted plexiglass _ diam. 60 cm, prof. 30 cm _ unique

The domes are one of the artist’s latest kinetic experiments, which he uses to study the reflections of various geometric graphics on a convex surface. Chrome-plated Plexiglas, 60 cm in diameter and 30 in depth. The pivotal point is the viewer, or rather his gaze, through which they “come to life”. The viewer is transported into the interior of the work, in which he is reflected and places himself at the center of an image that appears upside down, i.e. corresponds to the vision of the human eye before it is transmitted and decoded by the central nervous system. The graphic overlay with abstract motifs, placed in front of the chromed dome, determines the kinetics and thus the optical effects through the movement of the relative. Ultimately, we do not perceive a dome, but a virtual sphere. In this sense, the play of lines and shapes that make up the abstract design printed on the painted disk seems almost touchable: This happens because our eye recognizes virtual truths as physical and concrete elements. We see, in the space that separates us from the work, a presence that is in fact the result of a virtuosity that unites art and science, taking the viewer into other dimensions. Like Lewis Carroll’s Alice, the one who allows himself to be captured is transported into a parallel reality, hallucinatory and dreamlike, fantastic and absurd. [Tiziana Tommei]


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